Tyre VOLTYRE 13.6-38 YA-166 PR6 125A6 TT

Tyre VOLTYRE 13.6-38 YA-166 PR6 125A6 TT

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Diagonal (bias) tube-type ROW CROP tyre for farming machines. Model YA-166 (Я-166). It was constructed for rear wheels for tractors T-40AM, T-28Ch4, MAS-1, MS-1T-40. It contains inner tube in set.

VOLTYRE is well-known brand of farming tyres and tyres for heavy-duty trucks. Good quality, durability and reliability are the main characters of VOLTYRE tyres. Tyres with logo VOLTYRE are produced at the tyre plant VOLTYRE-PROM which located in town Volzhski (Russia). In 2013 the plant "Voltyre-Prom" has been obtained by Titan International, Inc. (NYSE: TWI), in partnership with the fund One Equity Partners (OEP) and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Titan International is the managing partner for the consortium, which combines deep local business experience, financial knowledge and successful experience in the production.

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Model YA-166
Manufacturers's code of product 82110063
Internal code of position VOLTYRE_000008
Brand name / Trade mark VOLTYRE
Tyre designation according to manufacturer 13.6-38
Designation according to Euro standard 340/85-38
Frequently used designations and mistakes 13,6 R 38; 13,6 R38; 13,6/13-38; 13,6/38; 13,6/85 R38; 13,6/85 R-38; 13,6/85/38; 13,6/85-38; 13,6/85R38; 13,6/85R-38; 13,6/85X38; 13,6-38; 13,6R 38; 13,6R38; 13,6R-38; 13,6X38; 13.6/13-38; 13.6/85 R38; 13.6/85 R-38; 13.6/85/38; 13.6/85-38; 13.6/85R38; 13.
Application Agricultural drive wheel - middle tractor tyre
Recommended season of using All seasons
Tyre performance (TUBETYPE / TUBELESS) TT
Tyre construction type (radial, diagonal, solid) Bias
Tyre's layer rate PR 6
Weight, kg 97
Index of loading #1 125
Index of speed #1 A6
Tyre's real profil width, mm 350
Tyre's real overal diameter, mm 1575
Quantity in full truck 90m³, pcs 91
Valve type (kind of gate) TK
Rim recommended by manufacturer, inches DW12
Tube which included as set (designation) 13.6-38
Tube recommended by manufacturer (designation) 13.6-38
Tyre work pressure RECOMMENDED 1.6
Symbol of Bead within tyre designation, inches 38
Kind of position Tyre
Application text Tyre for middle tractor driving wheels and other driving equipment (MIDDLE TRACTOR DRIVE TYRE). It was constructed for rear wheels for tractors T-40AM, T-28Ch4, MAS-1, MS-1T-40
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